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Free / Freemindx, Houston based artist, is a self-taught artist who is known for her expressive, full of soul, wildly colorful, chaotic art, cut out art,

Her STUNNING signature cut-out artwork., is becoming an iconic statement piece. She deconstructs a canvas and sews it back together to make a wonderful a brand-new masterpiece. Beyond the paint, she tells a story of her own struggles with mental health and self-harm, using an unexpected tool: thread...

Turning her pain into art, her story is what drives her to create, using her story to motivate others, and shine light to the colorful love we have in ourselves.

The emotion, the energy, the RAWNESS, is so blatantly left on upon the canvas.

She uses art as a therapeutic outlet, creating art through a healing channel of love and light. Fueling her engine of passion for the arts.


 She also teaches and intuitively guides others through the same channel of art, she does for herself.  A mom of two, she takes on the day-to-day life as a mom, partnered with being a full-time artist. Her signature "chaotic " look is inspired by taming her lifestyle through color. Its only deemed fit to be called " Control Chaos." Finding freedom by being unapologetically herself.

All can be seen in the abstract storytelling of each piece.

Guaranteed to be something you have never seen before, each piece is 1 of 1 , truly ONE  of a kind art piece.

Free strives for self-love, peace, female empowerment, uplifting, and discovering the power our ourselves , rising out of the darkness like a phoenix from the ashes


She sheds light on mental awareness, make a subtle message to be the light in the darkness. By showing her own struggles with her mental health, weight loss , & the road to true self love.

You can see her Murals throughout Houston in local businesses'. Her artwork can be seen on all social platforms , and has traveled across the world!

Before you know if Freemindx will be an iconic LEGEND.

Keep up with her story and her journey through her social media platforms!

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